Draw Bears 3D

Adjust 3D Bear and Apply Grid to Draw!

In this app you get:

  • 1 Awesome Realistic and Detailed Bear.
  • Many background and ground options.
  • 18 Animations!
  • 4 Light Sources. Adjust Color and Brightness of each!

This app makes it easy to get the right position and camera angle that you want so that you can easily draw exactly what you want.

Draw Bears 3D contains many helpful features like:

  • Easy Controls
  • Unlimited Saves – You can easily return to your projects!
  • Export Image feature. Allows you to export big images, and also with an optional transparent background!
  • An easy Body Part Select system. You can easily move body parts around to suit your needs.
  • Overlay A GRID to help you keep everything in proportion!


This app is a must have for any art student or art enthusiast who loves Bears and Wildlife!

Draw Bears 3D on Android!