Draw Lions 3D

A New App That’s Changing The Way Artists Draw!

Want to learn how to draw lions in any pose or position you want?
Just download: Draw Lions 3D!


My name is Clayton and I am the creator of 3D Drawing Apps. I’m an artist just like you, I assembled a team and created these apps after searching endlessly for good reference pictures to draw and paint from. With these apps you can draw your subject in ANY pose or position you want! No more spending hours searching for the perfect picture to draw.. you can create it yourself in less than 3 minutes and make it truly unique!

I hope you enjoy using these apps as much as I do!

Here at 3D Drawing Apps we are committed to creating the best pose apps for artists of all skill levels!

We hope to keep expanding our library for everyone to enjoy!


Super easy to use!

The process in a nutshell:

  • Animate.
  • Adjust any limbs that need adjusting.
  • Change camera position.
  • Adjust lighting.
  • Overlay a grid.
  • Start drawing!



What’s with all the shapes?

You can tap any body part to adjust its position or rotation!
See what I mean by fully customizable?

You Get:

  • 3 Different Lion Types (African Lion, Male Lion, Female Lion)
  • Fully adjustable lions! Change their position easily!
  • 14+ Animations Each! – A Super Easy way to get the right position you want to draw! Just play an animation, and stop where you want to draw!


  • A variety of backgrounds to choose from!
  • A variety of ground options. (grass, tile, hardwood floor, etc.)
  • Overlay a Grid to help you keep everything in proportion!
  • Change Camera angle, distance, zoom, and more!
  • 4 color adjustable lights!


Watch the lions run, jump, and roar!
Animations are SO useful for an app like this because you can get the pose you want very quickly! And there is LOTS of animations to choose from!


Bonus Features:

  • Export Image with optional transparent background!
  • Save and load as many states as you like!

Add this app to your drawing kit and start drawing the lions you’ve always dreamed of!

Download now from the Google Play Store!

Draw Lions 3D